Bio/Book Doctor

Terena Scott

Terena Scott

Terena is a Book Doctor, Playwright, and the publishing “queen bee” behind Medusa’s Muse, an independent press located in Mendocino County, California. When not publishing, she writes plays, essays, and books supporting independent artists. She also teaches workshops on self-publishing and creativity.

Playwright, publisher, editor, mother, teacher, advocate… is there anything this woman can’t do? “Yes, as a matter of fact: I can’t cook. And after two years of dedicated practice to cooking I can say I cook about as well as I spell.”

Contact:  terenaATmedusasmuseDOTcom (you humans know how to write this)

What is a book doctor?

Having trouble finishing your novel, or wondering why it just doesn’t feel right? Discovered your book has a big problem but you don’t know how to solve it? Feel like your characters aren’t compelling enough? Then it’s time to call Doctor Terena. A book doctor, otherwise known as a Development Editor, helps you see the “big picture” of your book so you can unravel the plot, pacing and character problems keeping you from creating your best work.

However, Terena is not a copy-editor. “I have zero knack for spelling or grammar, something I’ve proved on my blog too many times.” Luckily, Terena works with an excellent copy editor at Medusa’s Muse, named Jane Mackay.

(yes, that is a glass of wine in her hand. if you live in gorgeous Northern California, you too will become a wino)

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